07 September 2009

The Van Jones Debacle Shows Americans Can Make A Difference

The radical left has seized control of the Democratic party and by virtue of current representation the executive and legislative branches of the country. But before you you cross your fingers and your heart in hopes that the 4 year reign of Obama will pass with minimal damage while you do nothing, let the case of Van Jones demonstrate that you can make a difference. Don't sit silent while the Chosen one fiddles away our future, step up and be heard. Make a difference.

Van Jones was exposed as a radical nutcase and was forced to resign, but the battle is far from over. The current administration has more extremists than a nihilist skateboarding cult. So stand up and be heard.

You will be criticized. People like the lily white writers of the Huffington Post will call you a racist and characterize any attack against Obama a "lynching," but press on. This is not about race, it is about ideology. This is not about personality, it is about perseverance. This is not about Obama's hype of Hope, it is about the real Hope found in individual freedom and the pursuit of happiness. This is about America.

And when it comes to America,
Americans can make a difference!