23 January 2010

Favorite Take On Scott Brown's Win

Of all the pundits and experts who had a take on Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts, I have to say that my favorite was delivered on MSNBC. Just after the race was called I switched over to catch Rachel Maddow's take on the election results (immediately doubling her viewership). She tossed a question to Howard Dean about the finger pointing that had started between Democrats even before Coakley conceded and he responded that a lot of things went wrong. "There is no one person who can be blamed, well, except George Bush."

That's right, it has nothing to do with the fact that Brown's campaign was based entirely on opposition to the unscrupulous deal making and damning agenda that the democrats have finally revealed since they've gained control of both the congress and the Oval office. Nope, according to Dean it's Bush's fault.

Naturally, Obama and Gibbs would later echo the charge, claiming that people are still angry over Bush's policies so . . . so . . . so they're rejected Obama's soft on terror and hard on the pocketbook approach. The last three elections where Obama showed up to stump for the Candidate, New Jersey, Virginia and now Massachusetts (where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by 3.5 to 1) the GOP has won a resounding victory. But it's not Obama's fault.

Now I'm wondering what exactly Obama meant when he said "the buck stops here"? Was he actually referring to the troubling bucks given to his campaign that are still unreported? The bucks he was given by contributors and then paid back with taxpayer bailout money? The bucks he was given by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the financial institutions that led to our current banking crisis? The bucks he gave to Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) to buy her vote for ObamaCare? The taxpayer bucks in the "cornhusker kickback" given to Sen Ben Nelson (D-NE) for his support? The bucks exchanged in the sweetheart backroom deal with union brass. The bucks this administration continues to give to the heavily indicted ACORN organization? I'm seriously starting to lose count.