05 March 2012

Fluke a Fake? Sandra? Really?

Here's a bit of shocking news.

Sandra Fluke appears to be little more than another in a long line of fakes, planted in that mock trial by the Democratic party in order to create an issue. The innocent 23-year-old co-ed who was so maliciously abused by Rush Limbaugh is actually a 30-year-old women's reproductive activist who was fully aware of Georgetown's policy concerning the coverage of contraceptives before she enrolled. In fact, the opportunity to make a name for herself by fighting for others to pay for her safe sex is exactly why she went to Georgetown in the first place.

Go figure.

 Lots of new data concerning the hypocrisy of the left. Here is Kristen Powers talking about the double standard on the left. Perhaps most telling is her description of Bill Maher's repeated inappropriate, misogynistic rants. Not only did President Obama fail to condemn Maher or personally call his victims as he did Sandra Fluke, he has accepted a million dollars in contributions from Maher's political Super PAC, leaving us to wonder if President Obama is the real slut in this story.