14 March 2008

Rev. Jeremiah Wrong . . . I Mean, Wright -- Barack Obama's Pastor

Videos of the ole Reverend have been bouncing all over the web so I feel it's my obligation to post one on the Khaki Elephant as well.

The Reverend Jeremiah Wrong . . . I mean, Wright has been Barack Obama's pastor for twenty some years. The senator credits him as the man who led him to Christ (which may make you wonder where the word "led" led). He married the Obamas and baptized their children. He has functioned as their spiritual advisor and mentor for all these years.

So why has Obama suddenly decided to begin criticizing his father in the faith? Why, after sitting in the pews listening to this man for twenty years, has Obama stepped away from his alter? Why is Obama now telling the media that he disagrees with "some" of the things the Reverend Wrong . . . I mean, Wright has to say?

I suppose it has something to do with the public seeing some of the Reverend's sermons for the fist time. So, for your spiritual edification, here is a taste of the preacher Barack Obama felt at home listening to for all those years (This video was posted on YouTube by NASCARTango).

"Don't sing God bless America. Sing God damn America."
-- Rev. Jeremiah Wrong . . . I mean, Wright