10 March 2008

Where's McCain's Money Train?

The last time I checked John McCain had raised some $60 million in campaign contributions. To date, Hillary Clinton has doubled that figure and Barack Obama has more than tripled it. Not a good sign for McCain and his supporters.

As the official Republican nominee, there is little doubt that John McCain will get some much needed assistance in raising funds, which means he will finally be able to pay all of his campaign advisers -- though that doesn't address the question of whether or not he should. But that help may not be enough, especially if he is eventually facing off against Obama, who seems to attract money like a hooker in a lumber camp (or a New York Governor's hotel room).

I believe that most of the conservatives who have threatened not to vote for McCain will eventually change their minds because of the alternative. But will they send him money? Will "the base" be willing to part with their hard-earned cash for a guy they believe has consistently undermined their power in the party? I have my doubts. And that could spell disaster for a candidate who needs to draw the attention of independent voters to make his way to the White House.