11 July 2008

Nothing Says NASCAR Like Barack Obama

According to Sports Illustrated, who apparently still publishes more than that annual swimsuit issue, Barack Obama's campaign is considering sponsorship of BAM Racing's No. 49 Sprint Cup car for the Pocono race on August 3.

A BAM spokesperson has revealed the team will hold a press conference July 23 in Miami to reveal the partnership, currently a proposed one-race deal with an option to continue. . . . Obama Racing sources claim one of the options being considered would allow individual campaign donors to get their name on the race car for as little as $100. Obama will also be present for a second private fundraiser on July 30 in Miami, in which team owners Beth Ann and Tony Morgenthau -- staunch Republicans -- will give the Democrat an opportunity to spread his message of change.
If true, Obama would become the first presidential candidate to join Viagra and Valvoline as a major sponsor in a premier NASCAR event. Since the majority of NASCAR fans vote republican, this may seem akin to John McCain playing for tofu in a PETA poker tournament, but I say it's a fantastic move. What better way to show your interest in the American working class by supporting American sports and industry with your name plastered across the hood of a Toyota.


  1. Freadom said...

    Maybe that's akin to McCain catering to the global warming crowd. He's risking ticking off his base at the expense of something he doesn't believe in.

  2. DB said...

    I am shocked that such a publicity/political stunt would not take into account they drive a Toyota now...he will get torn up on the "unAmerican" front if that ends up being the case.

  3. Nikki said...

    super freaking strange...nice post and as one of your first back I found out about something I knew nothing about! HA! great to see you back at it...:)N

  4. Khaki Elephant said...

    That's true, Freadom, unless he's actually bought into the whole global warming thing. Yikes

  5. Khaki Elephant said...

    I did find the whole Toyota thing surprising. I work with several OEMs, including Toyota North America, so I have no problem with their success, but in my opinion it's a risky venture for a presidential candidate to be associated with an import when the U.S. auto industry is struggling and "the big 3" are laying off literally thousands of employees.

    Lucky for him he already has the union vote.