22 July 2008

The Price Of Gas And The Democratic Congress

Does anybody remember the vow the Democrats made to the American consumer? You know, the last time they promised hope and change; when they huffed and wheezed that if we gave them control of the congress they would give us lower prices at the pump. In fact, Nancy Pelosi went so far as to launch a press release explaining that her party had a "common sense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices." Of course, we saw a display of Pelosi's common sense On Larry King back in April.

What exactly was that "common sense" approach? They never actually revealed their plan but the results are as clear as the Sunday buffet table after a visit from Michael Moore. So before you blame "That dag nab oil-guy Bush" for higher prices at the pump, take a peek at the impact the Democratic congress has had with their "common sense approach" on this chart that I snagged from the Pirate King :

But apparently the chart above only reflects Phase I of the Democrats "common sense approach" to gas prices and it doesn't take Professor Trewallerny to divine the nature of Phase II -- if it involves the Democrats it involves taxes . . . and not the cutting kind. As reported by CNN:

With gas prices setting records daily, Republican presidential hopeful John McCain and former Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton called for a 90-day suspension of the federal fuel tax to give drivers a little relief at the pump.

The Democrats would have none of it and in the end voted down the attempt at easing our pain through this limited tax relief and, in fact, are considering raising fuel taxes by another 10 cents.

Now I'm left wondering, what is Phase III of the Dems "common sense approach"? Thoughts?


  1. Nikki said...

    This is friggin awesome! I love the do nothing Congress and then when they vote to give Bush money for the war the media portrays Bush as the King and says "Congress bows to Bush"...which is hilarious. Political clout only comes with popularity...I guess 33 beats 9 percent approval. The 2 most unpopular people in america...Pelosi and Reid. Dimb and dumber. Gas prices will remain the same with Obama in office. He has already stated that he wished the price would have gone up gradully vs. quickly. Yep he is glad its as high as it is...it promotes conservation. I think Al Gore is behind all this I really do...I hate to be a conspiracy whack job but he could work it out, Global leader that he is.

  2. Nikki said...

    oops dumb and dumber...i need to learn to proof read before I push publish...haha :)N

  3. Freadom said...

    Phase three is not allowing any slant drilling. Phase four is not allowing drilling in ANWAR. Phase five is not allowing the building of new refineries. Stage six is not allowing any nuclear power plants to be built. Stage seven is to exaggerate fear of oil leaks. Stage eight is reminding people of the folly that there is not such thing as improved technology to eliminate oil leaks. Stage eight... well, you get the picture.

  4. Khaki Elephant said...

    You nailed it, Freadom.
    Phase 9 is to build fear concerning nuclear power. Phase 10 is to pretend we could develop alternative power that could match the efficiency of oil faster than we could drill for untapped oil. Phase 11 . . .

  5. Khaki Elephant said...

    9% approval rating. Good lord!