08 August 2009

The Grassroots Politics of America

The Democrats and their media lapdogs are using the same techniques attempting to discredit the ObamaCare protests as they did to attack Tea Parties, claiming that they are nothing more than "Brooks Brothers" organized anti-Obama rallies . . . apparently forget that moments earlier they saw the rallies as a bunch of uneducated red necks gathering for free beer.

So how do these rallies really compare to . . . say, the grassroots gatherings of liberals. Hmmmmmmm


  1. M.A. said...

    KE - It's been awhile. I like the new layout.

    Hey, I heard this guy call into the Mark Levin Show a couple days ago.

    They have offered to go to town hall meetings to protect people, especially elderly citizens, from being assaulted.

    From the blog: "If you're attending a Town Hall in the Baltimore Maryland, Delaware, Philadelphia or New York-New Jersey area, and are worried about ACORN thugs, New Black Panthers, union scum or La Raza members intimidating you, send us the date, time and location of the Town Hall you will be attending and we will try to get some men out there to make sure the anti-American counter protestors do NOT mess with you.

    Email- admin@idiotsforobama.com"

    I thought it was pretty cool and thought I would pass the word along.

  2. Z said...

    What's with the BROOKES BROTHERS stuff?

    I LOVE this movement, but 'well dressed' would be the last thing I'd accuse the protesters of!! Sweat suits, Jeans, visors, sun dresses....why the WELL DRESSED, just in juxtaposition to leftwing demonstrations in which everybody's got torn jeans and tye-died Tshirts on? :-)

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    Freedom of speech. Freedom of Expression. And I hope freedom to wear what you want during a legitimate protest!

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