25 August 2009

Thad McCotter Targeted By MoveOn

Representative Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich) must be doing something right. While I sat tonight skimming the Bass Pro Shop ad . . . ok, all right, I was actually skimming a Pottery Barn catalogue, but that doesn't matter, while skimming I heard a TV commercial buzz in the corner of my ear and looked up in time to see an attack ad against McCotter accusing him of saying no to 1.7 million jobs that would be produced by the Obama administration's energy plan. If you were drinking while reading a sentence containing "jobs produced" and "Obama" you probably sprayed milk or something less healthy from both nostrils so I'll pause a moment to give you time to recover.

............da dee dee da dee dee.............

Of course, the TV spot then closed with the quick announcement that the ad was paid for by the filthy rich and equally filthy fibbing MoveOn.org. And while the ad didn't mention the "religious right" it did foist up another favored bogeyman of the left: Big Oil. Yes, McCotter is accused of being in league with "big oil" because he opposes the "Clean Energy and Security Act" -- legislature that has been more aptly labeled "Cap and Trade." That's right, the liberal elite are attacking McCotter for opposing a bill that will kill more jobs than it could possibly create (as some democrats admit) while at the same time levying a massive energy tax on every American who pays for energy. When God was handing out scruples I guess the folk from MoveOn had stepped out of line to take a leak.

If you follow politics than you know that the bill has already passed in the house, despite the defection of several democrats, and may be wondering why the left is spending more than $1 million on attacking McCotter and other politicians who have already voted. Navin Nayak, an official at the left-wing League of Conservation explains that "the ad is intended to send the message to legislators that there will be a cost to opposing the cap-and-trade bill."

My hope is that a price will be paid, but it will be paid by those forcing through yet another economically disastrous Obama bill; this one under the guise of conservation.

So let your voice be heard. Take 3 or 4 minutes to send an email to Thad McCotter by clicking here to tell him that you appreciate the stance he is taking against the administration's misguided policies. And then send a note to your senators demanding accountability when it is their turn to vote.

List of opposition voices to Cap and Trade that are currently targeted by MoveOn:

  • Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.)
  • Denny Rehberg (R- Mont.)
  • Roy Blunt (R- Mo.)
  • Frank Wolf (Va.)
  • House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.)


  1. Z said...

    Super post and good advice.

    " da dee...da dee...." cracked me up!

    I'm going to that site now and register my input. Is obama OVER YET? (3 1/2 more YEARS?..oh GOD)!

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    Let's just hope the Republicans stay steady to the course.