28 February 2008

Global Warming Hoax Or Not . . .

OK, I get it.

  • The debate isn't "over" with over 400 prominent scientist recently questioning the validity global warming.

  • Al Gore's film is filled with misinformation.

  • The latest satellite data is actually showing record ice in the Arctic.

  • Satan doesn't tempt us to buy bottled water just so we increase waste.

  • Drilling in Alaska won't destroy the entire state and would help their economy.

  • One volcanic eruption produces more greenhouse gas then every car on the planet.

  • Warmer climates are not about to strike, bringing tidal waves and giant snakes.

  • Water doesn't disappear forever.

  • Failing to recycle won't cause machines to rise against their makers.

I get it. I just don't care.

For me, conservation and environmentalism is not about global warming or impending planetary destruction. It's just that I would rather live in a clean, green place than a dirty one. I'd rather not smell exhaust everywhere I go. I want my kids to see the same Alaska that my dad saw. I think alternative fuels would be a great thing for so many reasons. I don't find factories belching smoke very attractive. I like to drink clean water. I'll take my steak medium rare -- hold the hormones.

Does environmental stewardship of the planet have to revolve around cataclysm scenarios? How about taking care of the planet just because it'd be a nicer place to live.


  1. E. Rapp said...

    This is a wonderfully conservative point of view. Russell Kirk would be proud. It reminds me of something Kirk said which is also the title of an old campfire song: "Brighten the corner where you are."

  2. Khaki Elephant (Paul) said...

    Yes, and would that more "conservatives" would understand that conservation is really about being conservative, though I would argue that it goes beyond "brightening the corner where you are." I don't see strong emission standards or finding alternatives to drilling in Amware as left-wing preventions to global catastrophe. I see them as making an investment and showing reponsibity as stewards of an entire planet. In my simple opinion, this should always be part of the conservative mindset as well as mindset of everyone else interested in a better world.

  3. amba said...

    Thank you! John McCain seems to agree with you. And Newt.