21 February 2008

Ode to the New York Times . . . John McCain . . . and Rush Limbaugh

Confess, I must, to Limbaugh
I do not send support
Acerbic wit and rants aside
The facts he can distort
But when ideal conservative
Is accurate and true
I do not hesitate my voice
To send this man his due

He told us liberal media
Would turn on John McCain
The moment young Republicans
Began to call his name
The New York Times came forth today
To prove that Rush was right
And publish news from years ago
As if it were last night

"The sources are impeccable"
At least that's what they claimed
But now we know it's just two men
Disgruntled and unnamed
The implication was, of course
That John had strayed from Cindy
And taken money he had scorned
With voice both loud and windy

A closer look reveals to us
The story is but hollow
With quotes and hints and dirty stints
Impossible to follow
The question we must ask The Times
Is what inspires such rage
To take a thinly sourced op ed
And print it there -- Front Page