16 February 2008

You Racist!

How many times do you think Republicans will hear that if Barack Obama gets the Democratic nomination for the presidency? I can hear it already. Every time you criticize his inexperience or voting record Democrats will claim you’re only doing it because he’s black. And don't bother pointing out that his mother was white. Every time you mention his lack of substance they’ll label you a hate-monger. They will obscure his many faults with the smoke and mirrors of accusation. It’s a favorite tactic of the left. Remember calling Cindy Sheehan a nut job and being told you’re callous for not believing everything she says because she lost her son. How about when you pointed out that John Kerry flip-flopped and they said you were disrespecting war veterans. Or the time you said that Nancy Pelosi looks like a deflated Betty Rubble bobo doll and you were tagged “anti-ugly.” Listen, it won’t matter if you love Condi. It won't matter if you admire Colin Powell. It won’t matter if you wish J.C. Watts would run for president. It won't matter if you've never had a racist thought in your life. It won't even matter if you are an African America. If you disagree with Barack, they will find a way to deflect your criticism through implied racism.

How do you fight it? Start by asking your accuser to explain some of Obama’s positions on a variety of issues. When they stutter over the lack of specifics and begin babbling sassy slogans about him "standing up for change and the future," calmly explain that you are not a racist, that they are a misguided mud-muddled wank and calmly walk away.