19 May 2008

Another Geography Lesson From Barack Obama

Perhaps the Senator finally understands that there are only 50 U.S. States. Now he just needs to figure out where they are. In discussing his difficulties campaigning in Kentucky, the Senator explained:

"What it says is that I'm not very well known in that part of the country," Obama said. "Sen. Clinton, I think, is much better known, coming from a nearby state of Arkansas. So it's not surprising that she would have an advantage in some of those states in the middle."
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Barack Obama a senator from Illinois? And doesn't Illinois actually share a border with Kentucky? So, then, isn't Obama's home state closer than Arkansas?

Oh, wait, here's a map:


  1. Nikki said...

    I have to admit I was more interested in boys in high school or whenever they teach you geography...anyway I flunked geography, but it sure is fun to read blogs that can "Dan Quayle" Obama! NICE! :)N

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    But then, you're not running for president . . . of course, if you switched parties you'd be the ideal candidate since you had more interest in the opposite sex than geography. Now all you need to add are some unsavory assosciations. Ooh, ooh, can I be one of those? :)

  3. Freadom said...

    Remember how democrats scolded Dan Quayle's potato(e) gaff in 1988. I wonder if this will get the same attention as that.

  4. Nikki said...

    You are definately a savory assosiation! :)N

  5. Khaki Elephant said...

    And Quayle actually read the mispelling from a card. Nice.

    Thanks, Nikki. I think some wouldn't agree with you. :-)