17 May 2008

Political Bumper Stickers For My Car

I generally avoid putting bumper stickers on my car since I have an aversion to buying thoughts from a Walmart end cap then pasting it to my bumper to demonstrate how clever I am. However, this election is so important that I may stray from my long-held practice. I'm thinking about slapping a message to my bumper, but am so out of practice that I can't decide which one to use. Here are my initial candidates . . . Any thoughts?


  1. Nikki said...

    Not only do I think you should get them all, but I think you should permanently display them on your page! Are they the magnet kind or the sticker kind?...I have been looking for a magnet John McCain. My husband drives a beater car and he still has the Bush 04 sticker on it and his car has been egged 3 times, no lie...proud of it! wooohooo! :)N

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    His car has been egged . . .ha! How wonderful is that coming from the party of tolerance. And I'll bet those brave souls have done it while he wasn't around.

    I found most of them at:
    I didn't see the magnet kind, but most of their designs you can get on sticker's, clothes, mugs. Funny stuff.