02 May 2008

The Redwings Sweep The Avs

The Wings advance to the third round of the playoffs again. Let's hope this time they don't let their minds wander to Floridian links during a couple of future third periods.

Of course, even if they collapse, it was nice to see them play Ike to the Avalanche's Tina again. Even in my love-filled heart that is so often displayed on this blog, I just can find a happy place for the frickin' Avs.


  1. Freadom said...

    I actually splurged and bought a Redwings Sweatshirt to gloat with. Go Wings!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Pistons to. And go Ti....

  2. Freadom said...

    crap. The tigers just lost #5 in a row. What are we going to do??? I was expecting 3 championships this year. Is it still possible?