01 June 2008

Back From Vacation

Our trips back to my old home town of Orlando are fun but I'm always thankful to make it home, leaving behind daily restaurant meals, ill-timed traffic lights and that ever-present mouse.

Now, I'm not one to share vacation photos or tales from the road, but there was one episode that struck me to the point of sharing . . . and it's not the guy at Epcot sporting a "World's Greatest Dad" t-shirt who hopped on the tram leaving his beloved family behind. No, it is actually a story from the plane ride home.

I sat next to a young couple who were smiling at my "mildly" out-of-control toddler leading me to make some comment about their new-found desire to have kids. They told me that they did have children, four in fact, all young and equally insane. As we got to know one another I learned that they would soon be moving to a military base in Germany. You see, the man had just finished a 15-month tour in Iraq, his second there, and they had just taken a vacation for the two of them before their 3-year reassignment . . . well, 3 years unless he is called back to Iraq.

He fought in Baghdad. It was tough, but he excitedly told me about the progress they'd made. They had reduce attacks on the troops as well as Iraqi-on-Iraqi crime by several hundred percent while at the same time helping to open schools and libraries for the people. "General Petraeus's strategy is working," he explained, and I could see that it was his heart talking. And I couldn't help thinking that we could win this thing because of the type of soldiers our volunteer military produces. The best of the best.

Before we said our goodbyes I told the couple that our kids pray for the soldiers nearly every night. And not just the soldiers, but for their families who share in the sacrifice. I promised to add them to our list.

So, Matthew and Heidi, if you happen to stumble across this blog, know that we are praying for you. We are praying for you and for all of those who risk their lives with an honor and dignity beyond expectation. Be safe. Feel peace. God bless.


  1. Nikki said...

    WOW thanks for sharing this...2 great posts right out of the gate, you are well rested! And let me throw in my big THANK YOU too...the best of the best, there is not doubt in my mind! :)N