07 June 2008

Mayor Kwami Kilpatrick Booed At The Parade

And this was supposed to be a happy occasion.

The Detroit Red Wings victory parade took them from The Hockeytown Cafe to Hart Plaza in the center of Detroit with thousands lining the streets to cheer on their beloved hockey team. And the cheering only stopped when Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, to the stage.

Kilpatrick walked up to the microphone and said something that I suspect had to do with the Wings' victory . . . it was hard to tell since the mayor's speech was drowned out by all the booing. I thing I may have also heard hissing, but that could have been somebody letting air out of the tires in Kilpatrick's ever-present mile-long motorcade.

Perhaps the most stunning moment came when the mayor ended his speech with, "Because we're all here together and you're all having a good time, the beer is on me. God bless you. Go Red Wings." Only to be greeted by more boos. Imagine that, hockey fans booing beer, and free beer on top of that. I suppose they were just skeptical that even if the mayor actually did follow through on his promise of free suds, it would end up being just one more thing he would put on the city's tab.

And we already know the spin the mayor will throw on this one. Detroit loves him, it was all those evil suburbanites in the crowd who were making the racket.


  1. Freadom said...

    Were you personally at the parade?

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    No, I had to work :-(
    But I did watch the entire thing replayed on TV . . . how sad is that?? Wow, do I need a life.