21 July 2009

Comedian (Representative) Russ Carnahan on Obamacare

Have you heard the one about the government health care plan that's going to create surplus revenue?

Here is a beautiful clip where the audience doesn't even try to contain it's laughter as Russ Carnahan proudly peddles Obama's Health care plan that will take America down the Euro-highway of marginal medical advances and eternal debt.

H/T: The amazing Michelle Malkin


  1. Chuck said...

    This was priceless.

    Perfect timing too. I posted today on the notion that the Dems are trying to get the bill passed in a hurry before their members are swayed by their constituents. I did a follow up and linked to you to use your video to prove my point.

  2. Z said...

    I love the audience.......people are waking up!
    Great find, Khaki!