01 July 2009

A Rare Moment: Journalists Attack Obama's Townhall Integrity

It seems liberal activist/journalist Helen Thomas may actually have some fire left in her Metamucil-laced belly. In a rare press conference moment these days, two journalists actually questioned the tommyrot of the Chosen One.

Chip Reid and Helen Thomas called out the White House press secretary over the hypocrisy of Obama's claim of transparency. Helen Thomas expressed "shock" (and given her years in the White House press corps, I'm guessing shock is as common for her as late night tumbles on the soccer pitch) shock over how the administration is screening and controlling town hall questions and dialogue. It's something that's never been done before . . . but that in itself is not shocking. No previous administration had ever spent 25% of our GNP in its first 60 days, seized control of two of the three largest public sector corporations in a single American industry or pushed a cap and trade bill that would amount to the largest single tax hike ever dropped on America. President Obama is all about "firsts."

So check out this is a troubling clip.

Oh, and while you're watching it take a minute to help me out. Now that we've seen Robert Gibbs perform countless times. Is he:

A) Condescending
B) Stupid
C) A tool


  1. Z said...

    CONDESCENDING is too kind for him.
    See how he deflects?
    It's always "move on, people..we covered that..."
    This admin. is all about MOVING ON...keep going..don't stop and question!

    Khaki, this is really sickening. When two liberals are outraged, you know trouble's been building.
    I keep saying it'll take democrats to finally stand up to this administration and it looks like it might be starting.
    But, you see, Gibbs uses the Alinsky rules and LAUGHS Helen Thomas down.....

    The man is so nasty and so ready to insult and twist words it's almost scary to me. Let's hope Chip and Helen continue with this...we have to fix this White House's thinking and attitudes.

  2. Chuck said...

    I want to go with condescending but I think he's too dumb for it.

    The problem is that these people genuinely believe they are right. It seems impossible but I think it's true. You just can't argue with soemone like that.

  3. Reaganite Republican said...

    Obama thinks you’re stupid-
    he thinks everyone is as stupid as the people that voted for him.

    He makes the loosest, most general statements possible, to attempt to imply that Bush is responsible for all the rampant spending because it started under him.

    He lies and changes his story at-will on everything from his cabinet’s ethics to whether or not he ever met with Blago to discuss his senate seat, meanwhile the press is occupied with stories on his puppy vetting process and how Barack likes to play basketball.

    And Obama could care less if you catch him lying or flip-flopping too, he just changes the subject and moves right-on-along.

    Obama wants the state to be your mother and father- and it’s his right to lie to you if he wishes… just like your parents when you were five.

    Government will be one you come to for money, ask permission when you want to think or speak, and who handles all your finances for you since of course you can’t be trusted.


  4. Khaki Elephant said...

    And what's also interesting . . . did you catch Helen's comment that reporters are called the night before a press conference to be informed that they'll be called on? It is unbelievable.

    Reaganite Republican, you are right in that Obama can care less if he's caught lying. And why should he when there are no consequences. Thanks for stopping by . . .great site you have.

    Chuck, I really do doubt the guy's intellegence, but I get criticized for doubting Obama's as well. Seriously, when you listen to Obama off teleprompter it's obvious he's not a genius.

  5. sue said...

    yes people its really unfair for Obama to do the exact thing Bush did when he had press conferences. Bush had every person and every question screened before hand so he wouldn't be caught off guard, surely he didn't want to be embarrassed answering a HARD question LOL! Do you think there really is not much difference in republican and democrat presidencies? When I read Z's comment it could be a liberal talking about Bush 4 or so years ago! Funny huh...

  6. Kevin Pal said...

    I voted for "tool" 5 1/2 months ago.