05 July 2009

Marion Barry Arrested Again

  • 1990: While Mayor of Washington D.C., Marion Barry is arrested after being caught on camera smoking crack during an FBI sting operation.
  • 1994: Barry wins mayoral re-election, reinforcing the Constitutional wisdom of not giving Washington D.C. an actual vote in congress.
  • 2002: Barry arrested after traces of cocaine and marijuana are found in his car. Barry claims the drugs were planted, probably by the same person who planted those rocks in his crack pipe back in 1990.
  • 2004: Barry elected to a seat on the D.C. Council (which he still holds), reinforcing the intuitive wisdom of every American who decided not to live in Washington D.C. among the brain-dead voters.
  • 2005: Barry placed on probation for not filing or paying income taxes for several years. .
  • 2006: Barry stopped by the police for driving too slowly, prompting him to accuse authorities of targeting him . . . and prompting America to wonder why they don't target him more often.
  • 2009: And just yesterday, Barry is arrested again after a woman flagged down police to complain that he was stalking her.

With this resume how has this guy avoided a position in the Obama administration?


  1. Chuck said...

    There arer few criminals with a record like this.

    As far as this:

    "With this resume how has this guy avoided a position in the Obama administration?"

    Simple, no tax evasion.

  2. WomanHonorThyself said...

    good one girl!

  3. Z said...

    AND THEY KEEP VOTING HIM IN!! what IS with them?