14 March 2010

As Protests Mount, ObamaCare Sneaks With Reconciliation

The number may be debatable, but we know that at least 2,000+ people gathered in the frigid Minnesotan air last night to protest the Democrats latest shenanigans to get ObamaCare passed. And this was in Minnesota, where some people actually voted for Al Franken.

Now I will admit that, while I don't trust the left any farther than I could throw up their authoritarian policies, even I never thought they would attempt the rarely employed tactic of reconciliation to pass a bill that most Americans want to see burned on the alter of fiscal responsibility. It appears even the Khaki Elephant can misjudge the depths of their desire for power. The dominion and control offered by government managed Healthcare is simply too tempting for Democrats to hear the voice of the people.

The reconciliation process would require the House to accept the bill already shoved through by the former Senate Super Majority . . . a bill that contains millions in bribe money to be paid out to states like Lousianna and Nebraska for their Senator's support. (Democrat Bribe List I -- Democrat Bribe List II). The tactic will prevent the House and Senate from re-examining the current debacle to look at alternatives that for years have been offered by the GOP. The tactic will prevent the American people from voting these power-hungry politicians out of office before they do their damage. The tactic would "Europeanize" the health care system and introduce the chronic unemployment numbers ever present on that continent.

Say your prayers, America.