13 March 2010

What Did Pelosi Know About Massa?

When Nancy Pelosi plays dumb it's rather difficult to determine just how much is "play." Let's just say that I don't think we'll find her listed in the Mensa directory. I'm sure that every Obot-free mind in America remembers her "stunned" response when she "learned" that 3 terrorists had been waterboarded . . . followed by her stuttering chatter when the rest of us "learned" that she already knew. And I suspect that every American bright enough to recognize a Michael Moore whopper (the kind he delivers in his "documentaries," not to his stomach) remembers her "shocked" discovery that there were massive CEO bonuses in the second bank bailout . . . despite the claim that she had actually read the bill.

Well, once again Nancy Pelosi was "surprised," this time after finding out that Congressman Eric Massa (D - New York) has been Barney Franking some congressional aides. When the story first broke the speaker told the world that she knew nothing about it. Oh, there "may" have been rumors, but there are always rumors on the hill. As Pelosi put it, "you know what, this is rumor city. There are rumors. I have a job to do." Apparently that job doesn't include protecting young, impressionable aides from lusty, powerful congressmen . . . so long as they're Democrats.

Now we are learning that these were more than rumors and that Nancy Pelosi's "surprise" was was again feigned:

It turns out that the San Francisco speaker's office got wind of the allegations in October. That's when Massa's chief of staff told Pelosi's office that the former congressman was living with his aides and behaving in ways that made them uncomfortable. But the speaker's office didn't do a thing about it.

And if my guess is right, Pelosi will handle her denial in the same way that she always has: deny, deny, deny until another story comes along to steal the headlines.