18 March 2010

Another ObamaCare Bribe

The unprecedented corruption of the Obama administration continues as yet another bribe is uncovered in the 2,400 page health care bill. According to the National Review Online:

They're already calling it the Bismarck Bribe:

The legislation contains provisions apparently designed to ensure votes from wavering Democrats. As outlined in the House version, the compromise plan would give nonprofit loan providers in several states the right to participate, along with for-profit loan companies selected through a competitive process, in helping the Education Department distribute loan money to students.

A new element, included in the plan issued on Thursday, would give a specific right to the Bank of North Dakota to issue federally subsidized student loans, meaning that it would be the only lender remaining outside of the Education Department's direct-lending system.

The Bank of North Dakota is a state-owned lender that Democratic aides described as representing the type of nonprofit entity they want to encourage. Critics of the loan bill suggested the provision was designed to win the support of a key Democrat, Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee.

Gee, I wonder why the president refused to fulfill his promise to have the health care dialogue "in front of the American people" on C-Span.


  1. Thru My Eyes said...

    Like a master at lies and deceit, Obama used his thug style of politics to ram this bill through the political “process”. Do you believe the American people are going to stand for this crap? Picture Obama standing on top of the White House giving everyone the finger - flipping America’s hard working taxpayers, the bird! This is essentially what he has done.