03 April 2010

Regrouping Complete

Ah, with everything going on in the complicated Khaki life it took a while for mental regrouping after the passage of Obamacare . . . but I'm back and ready to listen and inform (not necessarily in that order).

I want to pummel back in with a wonderful article by Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina. The message is clear and powerful concerning the coming crisis in America:
"The crisis is creeping forward: Every day in America more people become dependent on the government, demanding more services and benefits, while every day in America there are fewer people paying the price for these services . . . Many politicians have already figured out that dependency means more political power for them. Quite simply, a dependent voter is a dependable vote. A dependent America will vote for the politicians who promise the most from government and shift the cost to the "rich." But in the end, there is nothing compassionate about this massive disabling of Americans."
DeMint accurately and succinctly portrays the competing visions of the two major political parties, the Republican recognition of individuals and the Democrat's vision of a government-centric country where the individual disappears in dependency and group identification. (Guess which vision I prefer)

This article is worth your time. Read the entire piece here:

The Coming Crisis: How Government Dependency Threatens America's Freedom