12 April 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Is Health Care

Yes, Oprah is annoying and Ryan Seacrest is, well, Ryan Seacrest, but both are now connected with a project that I've found myself drawn to: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, a program where the afore mentioned British chef (Oliver, not Seacrest) comes to a chubby American community in an effort to change the way it eats, from breakfast pizza at school to deep fryers at home. The show follows a similar effort by Oliver in Britain that actually resulted in a change to their school system's nutritional requirements.

Perhaps my interest in the program is sparked by the fact that it appeared on the tube just a couple weeks after I started my own Khaki food revolution, banning the likes of Coke (acola), processed foods, beer and the occasional cigar from my diet . . . OK, I still sneak the occasional cigar, but the rest of my former diet is swimming with Luca Brasi . . . well, except the beer. Anyway, Oliver's Food Revolution is a must see for any parent who has scanned the school lunch program in search of healthy offerings only to find chicken nuggets, french fries and cheese that smells suspiciously of Elmer's glue.

Oliver's message is as simple as it is critical:
I believe that every child in America has the right to fresh, nutritious school meals, and that every family deserves real, honest, wholesome food. Too many people are being affected by what they eat. It's time for a national revolution. America needs to stand up for better food!
If you're worried about American health care, take a close look at the school lunch programs. You may not sleep for a week. If we want to make a difference in our nation's health while at the same time decreasing the cost of care, let's start by removing heart-pummeling foods from the school lunch rooms. And you can take a first step by signing this petition: America's Food Revolution Petition