20 April 2010

Obama's Transparency = More Censorship

Lafayette Park is to protests as Madonna is to STDs: it attracts them by the score. Why, during the Bush years your dog couldn't lift its leg without relieving itself on some liberal toting an "I hate" sign. Oh, how things have changed with Obama in charge.

A few would-be protesters decided to criticize the current administration for their stance on gays in the military and a few reporters decided to see what was going on and, well, the police assigned to the White House were dispatched to disperse the reporters and arrest the protesters. The park was suddenly "closed" (a move the reporters on hand had never experience before). So much for diversity.

Interestingly, this incident occured just after a delegation from the White House press corps (pronounced "core," Mr. President) met with Obama Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, to protest the administration's heavy handed control of the press. And, of course, this was not the first time some in the press have tried to shuck Obama's outrageous control. Who can forget left-leaning Helen Thomas joining Chip Reid to break ranks and question censorship from the Oval Office.