20 September 2008

Render Unto Caesar That Which Is Caesar's

And render unto Obama that which is the Law's. He hath called for change and change hath he wrought. Change to truth. Change to civility. Change to accountability. How, then, should laws apply to this prince of change?

Yet, RightMichigan.com is breaking a story challenging the right of change:
Rallies by Hollywood singers "Will I Am" and Tatyana Ali for Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign at Ferris State University and Central Michigan University were run through student spin-off groups in an attempt to circumvent a state law prohibiting public resources from being used for partisan political purposes.

Both rallies are in violation of Michigan law because they are being held in state-owned, taxpayer-funded facilities.

The Obama campaign was allowed free use of taxpayer-funded facilities because students turned in the reservation requests for the venues.

Using Students for Barack Obama as a front group to save a couple dollars might have seemed like a good idea to the Obama campaign, but now it could cost both the campaign and the two universities.

According to the Obama website, both events are partisan rallies with campaign staffer Ted York listed as the coordinator.

This contradicts the claim by Students for Barack Obama that they were organizing and coordinating the events, which are being marketed as "voter registration drives."


  1. Freadom said...

    And to think I'm a Ferris alum.

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    And you didn't stop this?? :-)