07 September 2008

The Standard For Republicans

Love this cartoon I spotted on Dollar Two Ninety-Eight. Funny stuff concerning the treatment of Governor Palin from an excellent Blog.


  1. Z said...

    Morals? THOSE were the days.

    The media morality is GONE, isn't it........the word 'shame' doesn't occur to them and these journalists should have been told TRUTH and FACTS come first.

    not for a LONG time in America..

  2. Mike said...

    Thanks for the link!

    There is definitely a double-standard here. Conservatives are consistently under the main stream media's microscope...especially during election season.

    I can think of a few negative items regarding Obama's connections/integrity that I've read about, but have never heard them be seriously addressed by the media. When they are addressed, it's in a way that victimizes Obama and follows through with the "vast right-wing conspiracy" nonsense.

  3. WomanHonorThyself said...

    hey there...good one!..say hello to the double standard!:)

  4. Khaki Elephant said...

    Z, you are right. The media's only moral standard is hypocrisy, which they only see in people who actually have moral boundaries.

    m.a., my pleasure -- I enjoyed your site (loved the garbage bag flags at the DNC). With Obama, it's not just what they cover, but how they cover it. He always seems somehow noble in their eyes whatever his failing.

  5. Khaki Elephant said...

    WHT,and how is it that some don't see the double standard. I listened to Mitch Albom today struggling to deny it. He is either blind, agenda-driven or a moron.