06 September 2008

Report From The Rally McCain/Palin At Freedom Hill

I was part of the overflow crowd that packed the Freedom Hill amphitheatre in Sterling Heights, Michigan yesterday. Estimated attendance numbers vary (local liberal outlets reckon "hundreds" were there) but most place the count around 10,000. You can see the crowd for yourself with this panoramic view provide by The Detroit News.

Now I'm not one generally given to vacation pics or family photos, but I thought I'd share some of the images I shot there with Khaki Elephant readers. So, enjoy . . . or skip the pics and scan for my next Kwame Kilpatrick posting.

On the way into the amphitheatre I ran into the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist and felt God's call to stand among them (umm . . . I'm the one in the middle). They are a wonderful group of gals with a primary focus on education and spiritual edification. If you want to give to a worthy cause, check out their website: http://www.sistersofmary.org/.

The pregame consisted of whooping "John McCain, John McCain," hollerin' "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah" and chanting "USA! USA! USA!

I spent my pregame talking politics with my new friend here. He had some wonderful ideas concerning justice and equality, but we parted ways when talk turned to fashion.

Michigan Attorney General kicked off the speeches (and the "unofficial" start to his gubernatorial campaign) with a fine talk about being a marine, Jesus, John McCain, police officers, books he'd read . . . OK, I really wasn't paying attention. It was still an hour or so before John and Sarah would be on the property.

Michigan's police officers announced as the first Michigan union to support McCain. God bless their risk and sacrifice.

I wish I could remember her first name, but Ms. Brown of "Citizens 4 Mccain" gave what may have been the best speech of the night, including the candidates. It was a powerful message of sacrifice and success on her long road from Democrat to McCainiac Republican. A single mom who lost a son in the war and who's daughter is a missionary overseas, she portrayed the domestic courage this campaign embodies. If she ever runs for anything, I'll vote for her . . . assuming I remember her first name.

My congressman, Joe Knollenberg, the auto industry's best friend. I love this guy and his wonderful wife as well. And no, Sandie, I haven't mailed those letters yet.

Jim Warner spent some time with John McCain at the Hanoi Hilton and told some amazing stories about the Arizona Senator, including that he always insisted on praying for their torturers.

Sarah and John Finally arrived and took the stage.

What ever "it" is, Sarah Palin has got it. Both she and Mac echoed their convention speeches with a Michigan twist. Palin told of her son staying in Michigan his senior year to play hockey and "you took care of him." Now he will take care of us, fighting in Iraq. McCain also reached out to the state, saying he "needed Michigan" and our support. That brought the house down (though not literally or Mike Huckabee would see it as an act of God and claim the nomination).

Of course, the vultures were there waiting for a chance to pounce. Was it a coincidence that the "L" was tired in this shot so the rest spelled out "PAIN" behind the press?

It was amazing how many times a spontaneous chant of "USA! USA! USA!" broke out. That's just not something you hear at a Democrat's rally.

It was a fantastic event. Frankly, the only downside came when we tried to leave. But two hours later we could still smile thinking "this traffic is filled with voters."


  1. Nikki said...

    Great report Khaki! I LOVE the pic with the "sisters" they are so cute! I love a little sister act any time. How great for you to attend...thanks for sharing and little did they know they had a supporter and a stalker! HA! ;)N

  2. Z said...

    I swear I'd have cried with joy!! Just to be with so many Republicans!

    Can you send some over to L.A.? and you come, too!! (smile)

  3. Khaki Elephant said...

    Nikki, it does kinda give the impression that I'm a sister stalker. But they were really sweet. And during the rally one of them held up a sign that said "Sarah Rocks" It cracked me up.

    Z, it was amazing, and so energetic. I travel out to LA about once a month on business so I'll try to bring some GOP spirit with me the next time . . . though Michigan has been a blue state the last few elections as well.