28 December 2008

Another Vacation For Obama?

Do you remember how Michael Moore spouted complaints from his blow hole that Dubya was always on vacation during times of trouble? How about the media kidney cramps we had to endure every time Bush took a trip to his ranch? Why, if I didn't know any better I'd think the left actually hated vacations because they admire hard work, but that's about as likely as Rosie O'Donnell admiring an empty plate. No, the party of walking welfare and dependency simply wanted to take any opportunity to attack a Republican president.

As Academic Elephant observes:

I hate to go all Grinchy the day after Christmas, but can anyone tell me why is it okay for Barack Obama to spend Christmas during the worst economic downturn in decades in the course of which thousands of Americans face losing their homes in Hawaii in a 9 million dollar house body surfing and playing golf when it is not okay for the leader of the free world who has been presiding over two wars for several years to clear brush at the rather modest ranch he owns in Texas during hurricane season?

Good question. Since I doubt that the media is embarrassed by our current president's modesty, I suspect it has something to do with . . . oh . . . the "(R)".

H/T: Tigerhawk


  1. DB said...

    Yes, he should be working on Christmas. He is such a prick.

    Ah, Republican "accountability". Hold others accountable as hypocrites for calling you out, rather than lead with the example. Wait, Obama isn't collecting a paycheck and it isn't on our time yet. When Obama spends as much time on vacation at our expense as Bush did (record holder, I think), I promise to also hold him accountable, rather than make excuses. That would make him a hypocrite. Vacationing on Christmas doesn’t make one a hypocrite. But until then, I would rather see what he can do before tearing him down. That's what Democrats do, right?

    btw, I put up a "wtf is wrong with Detroit" post for you! lol

  2. M.A. said...

    Not to mention that he chartered a HUGE, gas-guzzling plane to get to his vacation spot.

  3. Anonymous said...

    He's not even president yet. He's already put together his cabinet far more quickly than any other president-elect and done as much as possible to instill confidence in the markets.

    AND he was running for president for like two year, non-stop. I think he has more than earned his vacation.

  4. Khaki Elephant said...

    DB, saw the post on Michigan. I hope you pity me.

    As for vacations, my problem is not that the other O takes them, but that the press bathes in his glory as he body surfs outside a $9 million home while those same folk attacked Bush who took vacations at Camp David and his ranch (both of which were fully functional Presidential worksites.

    Of course, my favorite attack on "the vacationing Bush" was Michael Moore's editing job in Farenheit 911. Why, he even went to the trouble of cropping Tony Blair out of shots so people weren't confused as to why the President kept meeting with foreign leaders during most of his "vacations."

    God, Michael Moore, yet another Michigan canker.

  5. Khaki Elephant said...

    M.A., you got it, bro.

    Jen, you are right, he isn't President yet, but his political track record doesn't reveal a guy who spends much time on the job. In Illinois he voted "present" what, 130 times. And he only spent around 140 days in the U.S. Senate . . . and never introduced a single piece of major legislation. With those qualifications we should have just gone ahead and elected Samuel L. Jackson as Prez. He only has 140 days less than Obama as a senator and if Jackson actually sat down across the table from a terrorist he wouldn't need pre-conditions -- he break out the glock and bust a cap.

  6. DB said...

    Well, I am satisified knowing that Republicans are more concerned about the media's* coverage of Obama's vacation than fixing its own image. Obama might not have a long track record, but that of the alternative isn't faring much better despite its length.

    *Maybe this is a generational thing, but who actually allows themselves to be force fed the news from a network/mass media when so many alternatives are out there? Granted the GOP has yet to embrace the internet, so these complaints do make sense.

  7. Anthony Palmer said...


    So what should Obama do? He's not the President, and he's no longer a senator. He's receiving policy briefings, but there's not much more he can do. Shouldn't Bush be the one working right now? It's still his watch, right? Somehow, I think that if Obama were out dictating policy, people would be criticizing him for being presumptuous because he hasn't been inaugurated yet.

    Oh, and that $9 million house he's staying in is a house he's renting, by the way. (Remember, Obama only has one house! And that's in Chicago!) And Hawaii just happens to be where he was born, so it makes sense for him to go there. People shouldn't treat it like some exotic destination, especially after revering the Alaskan Palin as a "regular American." Wasn't Obama also attending a memorial ceremony for his late grandmother who lived there?

  8. Khaki Elephant said...

    Anthony, I will give you that Obama only has one house, but I still have to commend the many houses the McCains own because none of them were financed by Tony Rezko. :-)

    As far as the Sarah Palin's exotic Alaska . . . wow, my mind just went somewhere it shouldn't go.

    And DB, everybody should be concerned about media bias, but Republicans aren't nearly as concerned about shutting down opposition outlets as the Democrats. Witness the so-called fairness doctrine.

  9. DB said...

    Lol, fairness doctrine. Yes, I listen to Rush rant about this every night too, but frankly, it's not happening. Obama is against it and so are nearly every Democrat (and Republican) that's why this only remains a right-wing suspicion and not an actual issue. Even the Air America founder is against it.

    And media bias is a cop-out for the bigger problems the GOP has. It makes sense on some topics, but it has become a rally cry for everything. But then I think, the media falls under free enterprise. If the GOP had real issues with it they would boycott it rather than keep giving interviews and using biased media sources.