30 December 2008

Fidal Castro: The Bloody Hero To . . . Who? (Or is that "whom"?)

Jimmy Carter, who has never met an anti-American dictator that he didn't tongue, praised the "generosity" of Fidel Castro's Cuba during a speech on Cuban television in which he also took time to commiserate with his Marxists chums about America's human rights violations and racist legal system. Michael Moore, who never met a roast beef sandwich that he didn't tongue, used is overtly obvious knowledge of good health to produce a film anointing Cuba a medical mecca, apparently unaware that aspirin and Pepto-Bismol are about as common as free speech and Asian cheerleaders on the Island.

Fidel Castro has become a bit of a hero to some on the left. To them he is the super cool killer with a heart of gold. He is the underdog who spreads a special tyranny within sight of Old Glory. And perhaps most endearing to some, he really hates America.

Well, in my book it's past time to remember who Fidel Castro really is. Let's move beyond twisted Spicolian PR support and examine the butcher's record. There's a reason America has sanctions against Cuba. And there's a reason those sanctions should be kept in place until the Castro brothers' reign of terror has finally been brought to an end (even if they do produce cigars that are worth lung disease).

Gary Baumgarten has posted an English translation of great piece that was originally published in El Nuevo Herald on December 19, 2008. It is worth the read.

Bloody Tally Of A 50-Year-Long Dictatorship