12 December 2008

Senate Republican Tells Detroit, DROP DEAD

I'm a Republican. I struggle to be right handed, sleep in little elephant jammies, and say "Bully" when the mood strikes me. But right now I've just got to be honest and admit that I'd love to stick a tusk up Tennessee Republican Bob Corker's grandstanding ass. Corker (who's state benefits greatly from foreign auto manufacturing so has nothing parochially to gain from a successful GM) claimed that the UAW's failure to take pay cuts was the sole reason the bridge loan failed. He then . . . this guy who allowed billions of unfettered dollars to be doled to incompetent banks . . . said that America could not afford to give additional money to the auto companies without his bullet points of restriction.

Well first of all, Bob, the UAW did not fail to take pay cuts. In fact, they agreed to set up a process for wage regulation that included federal representation; they just didn't want the specifics determined before the process began. Beyond that, Bob, this is not a "bailout" but a bridge loan. Finally, Bob, the money is not a slop bucket of new funds for the industry, but providing liquidity for support from funds that were already intended for transportation technology.

I don't mind somebody standing up for the integrity of their beliefs even when I disagree with them. But I hate when somebody I usually agree with takes a stand by twisting the truth for integrity's appearance. I never fear the attacks of an opponent, but I do fear the ignorance of a friend.

Of course, I will give Corker this much, his daughter knows how to party.

Oh, and thanks to Paul W. Smith for the title idea.