26 December 2008

Snooper Who Snipered Joe The Plumber Resigns

Oh, how the Democrats hated him. He became "everyman" to the country, which meant the left needed to treat him as they tend to treat every man by attempting to crush any apparent adherence to self-reliance. Lordy how they hate folk who don't need them.

Joe the Plumber became public enemy number 3 (even this brash baldy couldn't pass Dubya and American Values atop the liberal hit list). Joe Biden ridiculed him, the media investigated him and SNL attempted to become funny again through incongruous "Joe the Plumber is invisible" jokes. The left would stop at nothing to discredit the man who cleverly tricked Obama into revealing his distribution of wealth ideology . . . cleverly tricked him asking the chosen one a straight question for which he hadn't scripted an answer yet. So they would "stop at nothing," and that included the illegal procurement of Joe's records.

Ah, but no foul deed goes unpunished and the heat applied by bloggers and a very, (very) few in the main stream media did result in some fallout from the attacks. According to Michelle Malkin:

Lead Ohio government snooper Helen Jones-Kelley resigned from her job and two of her cohorts were canned as a result of their plundering through Joe the Plumber’s records.
So, we have the resignation. Dare we hope for incarceration?


  1. Anonymous said...

    Haha, oh Democrats.

    Christopher Hamilton
    The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    Gotta luv 'em!
    Maybe not