19 February 2009

But Did It Knock Any Sense Into Him?

Barack Obama is just about the same height as George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, but apparently has much greater difficulty squeezing his ever-inflated noggin into Marine 1.

But what I find most interesting about this image is the question it sparked from John Lott of Big Hollywood. What if this had been a Republican President like Gerald Ford or George Bush?

If Gerald Ford had hit is head, I somehow suspect comedians would have had a field day with it. When Ford slipped on some wet steps while deplaning Air Force One, that single incident was fodder for political comedians such as Chevy Chase for years. If George W. Bush had hit his head, I suspect that the same thing would have occurred. Remember Bush passing out because he choked on a pretzel in January 2002? There were a huge number of political jokes about it.
Does Teflon dent?

H/T: KPal


  1. Freadom said...

    Can't make fun of the anti-christ.