15 February 2009

The Khaki Elephant Turns 1

Today is the first anniversary of The Khaki Elephant.

Thanks for reading
For writing
And for growing friendships

I expect to make some changes this year to the look and feel of the site -- just some friendly updates and upgrades. But if you're looking for a gentler perspective from Khaki . . . sorry, I'm sharpening the tusks.


  1. DB said...

    Wow, only one year? It seems like it has been much longer! Happy blogversary!

  2. M.A. said...

    Happy B(log)irthday, KE!!!

  3. KPal said...


    Blow this

    ...candle out in celebration of your milestone. Congratulations from me, Sarah and the like.

  4. namaste said...

    happy anniversary khaki! glad to know you'll be sharpening the tusks.


  5. Law and Order Teacher said...

    Congratulations on the milestone.

  6. Anthony Palmer said...

    Congratulations, Khaki. Keep it coming.

  7. Z said...

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Khaki! I had mine just 2 weeks ago! Time sure flies.

    I'm glad you have your blog and VERY glad you'll be 'sharpening the tusks' (ALL REpublican elephants should be doing that!)

    Congratulations! xxx z

  8. Nikki said...

    Way to go Khaki! Its an honor to know YOU! :)N

  9. Khaki Elephant said...

    Thanks so much to all of you!