03 February 2009

Proof Of Intellegent Design

I'm one of those creationists who believes in evolution. Why wouldn't God create a world that dynamically changes and adapts -- evolves? It makes sense.

What doesn't make sense to me is the idea that the universe came from nothing to its current state without a guiding hand; that everything we sense, see and feel is the result of "survival of the fittest" or "adaptive evolution." For example, National Geographic is running ads for an upcoming program about prehistoric raptors evolving into turkeys. OK, let's get this straight. So the velociraptor's idea of adaptive evolution was going from a killing machine that terrorized Sam Neill and Laura Dern to thanksgiving dinner?

I guess when Darwin was explaining "survival of the fittest" the velociraptors must have been out taking a whizz.


  1. DB said...

    lol, I don't know how they make that conclusion! Anyways, people like you (and my parents) aren't considered "creationists" in the sense we hear about in common usage. That is generally for the people who adhere to the literal interpretation of the Bible events. You are simply like the majority of people (my family included) who are able to make peace with your faith and scientific evidence. I am sure you know this though! Let me know how the turkey came to be if you end up watching it lol.

  2. WomanHonorThyself said...

    lmboooooooo good one my friend and God bless!:)

  3. RightMichigan.com said...

    Looking forward to the next time I can have Raptor for dinner.



  4. Anonymous said...

    So what is the chicken from, T-Rex?