26 February 2009

President Obama Continues To Make History

Barack Obama continues to make history. Certainly his most obvious and powerful accomplishment is being elected the first African American leader of the free world. I'll admit it, with all his socialist clouds this is the silver lining as it gives hope to every child in America that they too can accomplish any goal they strive to achieve, even the American Presidency. Well, unless you're a little girl, in which case you have to look at how the media treated Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin and realize that the voices of the left are not ready to be led by a skirt.

Oh, and if you're Asian you might not want to pick out Oval Office decor. You may be "mellowing," but Americans don't seem ready to cast votes your way. And Hispanics, sure you're the fastest growing segment of the population but I haven't seen any indication that you have a path to the White House. Oh, and Native Americans . . . don't even think about it. And while I ponder, I don't think there have been any presidents of Scandinavian decent in the White House so what am I supposed to tell my kids? The closest we came was Walter Mondale. If not for Viking funerals the old Norske kings would be spinning in their graves.

At any rate, I think it's important to note that Barack Obama has had a number of history making moments beyond his partial ethnicity and I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge these accomplishments.

  • Barack Obama's campaign smashed the previous financial record for illegal contributions. Foreign contributors and fictional Americans like "Bart Simpson" and "Good Will" never opened their wallets so wide.
  • Obama became the first president to sign a presidential order and while doing so ask an advisor to explain what he was doing. Until now, even tongue tied presidents like George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter were able to understand and communicate executive orders. CHANGE has come!
  • The Chosen One made history with a record number of official appointments who want to raise taxes but view them as optional for themselves.

And my favorite of the day:

  • President Obama became the first president to use a teleprompter during press conferences. I know that some past presidents have been accused of being puppets, but this is the first time the strings have been so visible.

He hasn't even made it through his first 100 days yet Barack Obama continues to make troubling history. Now, I know I've missed several "firsts" from the growing list, so feel free to help me out by adding some to the comments.


  1. Freadom said...

    Coming soon....

    1. biggest tax hike in history
    2. biggest spending spree