04 February 2012

Jon McNaughton's Controversial "The Forgotten Man"

If the pen is mightier than the sword, where does the paint brush rank? We all know that art can have an electric impact on political dialogue. I mean, who could forget Shepard Fairey's Obama boosting HOPE poster, which was plastered on more college dorm room walls than last night's partially digested beer & slider upheaval? Well, now entering into the conversation is Jon McNaughton's "The Forgotten Man."

McNaughton's work may never reach the iconic nor commercial success of Fairey's oft imitated print, but it is selling in the thousands and creating quite a stir on Al Gore's Internet with its controversial portrayal of presidents past and president. One look from those on the political Left have them steaming, "How could he disrespect President Obama by having him stand aloof and defiant with his foot on the Constitution?" Those on the Right undoubtedly also question the President's foot on the Constitution, suggesting, "He should be unzipping to relieve himself on John Hancok's looping signature, because that's what he's really doing to our document of freedom."

Regardless of where you stand, click here to read McNaughton's explanation of the work.