05 February 2012

Nevada Refuses to Gamble on Newt

As expected, the infinitely unelectable Newt Gingrich lost the Nevada caucus by a substantial number; the overnight night tally placing the margin at 48% to 23%. Oh, apparently Ron Paul and Rick Santorum are still collecting some votes as well. Sure, voter turnout resembled a Richard Marx appreciation concert, but for Romney a big victory is a big victory.

Also as expected, Gingrich vowed to push a positive campaign against Romney who, in Newt's positive words, "has in his career been pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-tax increase and who ranks third from the bottom in creating jobs in the four years he was governor." Gingrich went on to dismiss the loss by pointing out that Nevada is home to oodles and oodles of Mormons who evidently have to vote for Romney. It's also the setting for the original CSI . . . is there a connection?

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney gave a victory speech that contained one of his best campaign lines to date: "This president began his presidency by apologizing for America. He should now be apologizing to America."