25 February 2012

Warren Buffet, Shut Your Pie Hole

Nobody appreciates condescending self-righteousness more than I do (with the possible exception of The Huffington Post), but Warren Buffet is taking it to a level that even I find intolerable.  How many times do we have to hear his babble that he wants to pay more taxes, or this drivel that he dropped on ABC about how the poor are piped and he wants to make things right because, well, he's suddenly and surprisingly discovered that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary?

Oh, I know he's smart enough to have made a gazillion dollars, but how stupid does he think we are? Warren Buffet doesn't pay a lower tax rate than his secretary because of the system's intent, he pays a lower tax because he has a team of tax experts working the system every way they can and dropping his billions into tax shelters that the government can't touch. Oh, and in his faux generosity Buffet also fails to mention the millions he made through the government bailout of banking institutions that he fully supported after he had previously invested there (and that adds up to a sweet $10 billion from his investment in Goldman Sachs alone).

Yet here we are, still watching Buffet grace his favorite media outlets talking about how unfair the system is . . . the very system he milks for millions like Old McDonald on methamphetamine. Like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, I'm tired of Buffet's insincere rhetoric. If you want to pay more taxes, Warren, shut your pie hole and write a check.