17 June 2009

Have The French Become Democracy's Beacon?

The President yesterday denounced the "extent of the fraud" and the "shocking" and "brutal" response of the Iranian regime to public demonstrations in Tehran these past four days.

"These elections are an atrocity," he said. "If Ahmadinejad had made such progress since the last elections, if he won two-thirds of the vote, why such violence?" The statement named the regime as the cause of the outrage in Iran and...stood up for Iranian democracy.

The President who spoke those words was France's Nicolas Sarkozy.
Meanwhile, in America:
Mr. Obama didn't call the vote fraudulent, though he did allow that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei "understands the Iranian people have deep concerns about the election." ... "How that plays out," Mr. Obama said, "is ultimately for the Iranian people to decide."
And if you're troubled by Obama's complicit response to the atrocities in Iran, you may want to stay clear of left-wing blogs for the next few days as they chatter about how the guy, who in their eyes makes all things possible, is the actual inspiration behind the protests in Iran.

Yes, that's right, they believe the guy who legitimized the current tyrannical rule in Iran by saying he would sit down with them without preconditions . . . the guy who has done nothing but hire ABC to push his health care plan while Iran announces they are closer to nukes and North Korea actually tests them on America's Memorial day . . . the guy who bows deeply to the Saudi king . . . the guy who has gone on a couple of apology tours to seek forgiveness for the way America has tried to "force" democracy on people . . . the guy who loves freedom so much that he seized public American automotive companies to fulfill his agenda while he drove them to bankruptcy . . . this is the guy the moonbats believe is inspiring Iran to dream of freedom.


  1. Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

    Wow, France shows some guts for a change.

  2. Z said...

    Oh, my gosh...I was thinking the same thing tonight, Khaki.

    "FRANCE gets it RIGHT..and we're hiding? The "bastion of freedom"..Or should I say BASTILLE of freedom, now that I think of it!? HA!
    Too busy killing flies and making the media swoon again.

  3. sue said...

    Did you not hear, Iran is blaming US for the protests and violence. Obama is doing the right thing by not interfering.

  4. Chuck said...

    Obama has inspired the Iranians alright. They are modeling their election fraud after ACORN and now using Black Panther tactics to preserve the vote. Change they can believe in.

  5. sue said...

    Chuck that is just idiotic!

  6. Z said...

    sue, but it's pretty reminiscent, isn't it? Heck, they even printed 57 mill. ballots for a whopping 47 million voters, according to the German press on the ground there.
    \Who knows, maybe if they recount, they'll SUDDENLY find cars with marked ballots...and WHAT AN AMAZING THING, they'll ALL BE FOR AL FRANKEN (oops)..I mean AHMEDINEJAD!

    I'll never trust another American election after ACORN escaped media scrutiny....did you guys know there are still pending lawsuits and some rulings against them? But, the media's not broadcasting that.. I feel like I'm living in another country these days, a scarier one.

    Iran's playing into the hands of our left again by using this tactic of blaming us (What anti-Iraq war fan wouldn't say "SEE? WE TOLD YOU SO, AMERICA!"). It's like when Ahmedinejad uses our left's language against us....inciting the left with things like "Iraq is colonialization" etc...playing right into the fears of our Left so beautifully.
    Now they're blaming US? Oh, so we'd better do NOTHING?

    I do understand Obama's reticence, I honestly do, we can't be EVERYWHERE...but, because the Left blasted the Iraq War so badly, are we to never help anywhere AGAIN? Obama practically accuses us of 'meddling'in the past when he said he doesn't want to meddle NOW, yet he meddled quite powerfully in Israel, didn't he.

    We just have to stop
    'mea culpa-ing' all over the world. mY GOD, look at all the good we've done!
    We do still stand for Freedom..or we DID before our own government started buying companies, taking away our healthcare as we know it(yes, that WILL happen, what insurance companies will stay OPEN once those of us who want private insurance want to pay for our own but our neighbors are succumbing to the "freebies"? How long will most people not succumb, driving the private, excellent companies into bankruptcy?) but I digress..as usual! etc.

    UGH. I'd have thought Obama, if he really believed A-Job's frequent threats of OUR annihilation, would have at least done SOMETHING more than he has.

    Sue, PLEASE don't tell me again that I sound like I KNOW EVERYTHING (I really did worry and consider my way of saying things when you once made that legitimate comment)..But, I don't...I don't know NEARLY "everything" and I don't think I'm RIGHT all the time. You know that. But, I feel I can leave an opinion at a friend's blog, to a friend, and I enjoy our arguments.

    Fight back! I like it...
    Thanks, you do make me think; I'm not QUITE as black/white as you might think, believe me.

    Go, girl......take me ON~!!!

  7. Chuck said...

    "Chuck that is just idiotic!"

    Sue, weren't you the one giving lessons in manners a couple of days ago? Just like a lib, 'do as I say, not as I do'.

  8. sue said...

    Z, I'm surprised I didn't know you were female! AND I have no recollection saying those things to you! I hope I was at least polite! LOL! And to think, I made you think, wow... I'm not arguing, you are way smarter than I!

  9. sue said...

    yes Chuck, thats why I was being sarcastic! :-)

  10. Z said...

    Man, what a BIG MOUTH I WAS in that comment..even longer than my usual junk. I'm so sorry, Khaki! (as I've said before when I've gone on and on at another's blog: I should have illustrated the darn thing and called it a post).

    SUE!! From your comment, I thought you were my leftist 'friend' SUE...I thought she'd changed her avatar.

    I AM SO SORRY and so grateful you took my harangue so gracefully !!

    I am SO SORRY! (sorry, Khaki....I'll stay away for a while, head hanging in shame!:-)

  11. Khaki Elephant said...

    Z, you're always welcome to comment as long as you'd like.

  12. Khaki Elephant said...

    Oh, and you too, Sue. We don't always agree . . . well, I'm sure there something we actually agree on, but you call it like you see it and I like that . . . even though you're usually wrong. :)