16 June 2009

Iraq Inspires Iran

George W. Bush had a lot wrong when it comes to Iraq, but he was right about one thing: freedom inspires freedom. The ink-stained fingers of Iraqi voters demonstrated once and for all that freedom can be won for a price. And unfortunately for the Iranian government, the students in their country have access to the internet. They've seen those fingers. They've read about the sacrifice. They've decided to act.

I can't help but wonder if those courageous protesters are looking for support from the United States. They know that they have a rogue government bent on nuclear armament. And I'm sure they are also aware the the real power in Iran is held by religious fundamentalists, but they are acting where they can -- and they are not doing it in a vacuum. The protesters are using cell phones to post their plight on YouTube and other sites across the net for the world to see . . . for America to see. What do they expect in the way of support?

Well, if they're looking for support from Obama I'm afraid they'll have a long wait. Yesterday, taking a few minutes away from his tour de farce concerning health care, Obama declared that he "cannot be silent" concerning what's happening in Iran (apparently drunk on self-love and forgetting that he has been silent for three days). Oh, and how did The Chosen One break his silence? Did he call for freedom? Did he decry oppression? Did he give so much as an ear wiggle of support for the protesters trying to disrupt one of the two remaining axis of evil?

Of course not. If he said that they may not like us.

News flash to the President: the extremists running that country will never like us. We are "The Great Satan" and it is through stirring hatred toward America that they maintain power. So, while the president (who can't seem to get his fill of bashing Israel over Gaza) weakly acknowledges the news in Iran, refusing to condemn the actions of their government, those with courage stand up at risk to their lives.


  1. Z said...

    Imagine THE ONE denouncing a regime for squelching dissent?

    oops. Here's a guy who's got ABC giving one-sided 'news' from the WH.
    Are we next?

  2. WomanHonorThyself said...

    hey girl..News flash to the President: the extremists running that country will never like us. ..he doesnt care..he is one of THEM!