12 June 2009

Von Brunn: Right Wing, Left Wing, Or Just Plan Nuts?

Well, you knew it was going to happen. Politicizing tragedy is almost as American as Mom's apple pie and Dad's PBR. And it didn't take long for the left to identify Holocaust Memorial murderer, James Von Brunn, as a right-wing racist nut job. In fact, some went so far as to use this attack as a defense of the recent Obama administration's Homeland Security report identifying conservatives and war veterans as potential domestic terrorists.

The right has responded in kind, pointing out that Von Brunn was an anti-Christian evolutionist who berated Israel and supported the Nazi ideal of a state government -- all ideologies associated with the left.

Let's stop.

On this issue even the Khaki Elephant is not going to blame the left.

Von Brunn represented neither Democrats nor Republicans. He was neither left nor right as we define those leanings in America. He was a nut; a selfish man of self-loathing so consumed with evil that spilling innocent blood meant less to him than having somebody remember his name if only for a month or so.