18 June 2009

(Senator) Boxer Pesters General To Call Her "Senator"

Barbara Boxer is a senator and you'd better acknowledge it to the world (just in case somebody doesn't know) . . . even if you've shown such dedicated service to your country that you've achieved the rank of Brigadier General.

Oh, and this is just a guess but I suspect that Boxer is not aware that military protocol approves the terms "Ma'am" or "Sir."

I'm also guessing that Boxer couldn't wait and had to interrupt his answer to make her demand because . . . well, let's just say that she's not a big fan of the military.

And this is just another guess, but I don't think that is her natural hair color.


  1. Z said...

    what more can we possibly DO to demoralize our soldiers?
    Mirandizing enemies, skipping the polite 'ma'am' EVER soldier is taught to say out of utter respect..

    I'm SO ASHAMED of this senator, MY senator. She doesn't represent ME, I assure you;
    I'll never forget watching her give a presentation on CSPAN with charts and graphs, with misspellings. Honestly. I shudder.

    They don't like "Ma'am", yet they're always kissing other senators. Kerry doesn't KISS McCain....Kennedy never KISSED any male senators, either.
    But, let a woman become important and she's kissing her colleagues...yet not enjoying hearing 'ma'am'..