03 June 2009

Stimulus Scams

I admit that I've fallen for my share of scams. I've adopted a few Nigerians, purchased "green" cleaning products, and went on a blind date with "a really hot babe, Khaki, trust me." But even I'm starting to see through the swarm of snake oil salesmen that have swooped into our lives via the government stimulus package.

It seems that every day I get a call from some "mortgage company" that just doesn't know what to do with all the free stimulus money that the government has given them so they want to hand it over to me. Or I open a letter from a "financial institution" that wants to give me some of the bailout money that Washington piled into their pockets. Of course, all of these offers eventually have strings attached that will cost money.

Sadly, I never hear a word from the Nigerian children that I've adopted -- ungrateful kids.

Scam artists across the country are apparently sure of one thing: nobody understands the government stimulus package so they have a golden opportunity to make a perverse profit. Simply throw out some bait using the word "stimulus" and wait to reel in the hapless slugs in society who are looking for a handout.

Part of me wonders if momma government is going to step in to stop some of these fraudulent scams meant to take advantage of people who want to take advantage of Obama's promised redistribution of wealth. But then, since the actual pork-laden stimulus package put together by the current administration is little more than a fraudulent scam on the grandest scale . . . what's the point or prosecution?