19 October 2008

Et Tu, Colin?

I feel like Brutus has just Norman Bates'd me in the cyber shower. Or (on the less dramatic side) maybe I just feel like the Democrats who had to watch their former Vice Presidential candidate of only a few years back, Joe Lieberman, endorse John McCain at the Republican National Convention.

Prominent Republican Colin Powell has decided to vote for Barack Obama. He said that he will not campaign for the democratic nominee, but he promised to check the Obama box.

Yes, I know that McCain has been endorsed by four former Secretaries of state and over 200 retired generals, but I'm still disappointed by Powell's decision.

I won't question his motives, just note that he has made a mistake. And that I still love the big guy.


  1. Mike said...

    Motive - Position in Obama's cabinet. Powell sold out. Obama's leading in the polls, Powell wants a job...there you have it.