03 October 2008

Katie Couric's Calculated Biden Interview

Much has been made of Katie Couric's interview of Sarah Palin, where the governor appeared to be a different person from the one we have seen in YouTube gubernatorial interviews, previous debates and VP engagements. What happened? Was it creative editing, lack of preparation, poor direction from the McCain camp, Stage fright, Alaskan bumpkiness, a girly thing? There are plenty-o-questions on this one.

But where are the questions about Couric's interview with Joe Biden? Where is the media outrage for his outright lies? Where are the watchdogs of journalistic integrity examining Katie's calculated, cackling partisanship ?

If you read no other article about Katie Couric this year, you must read: Katie Couric invites viewers to admire the impressive constitutional expertise of Joe Biden by Ann Althouse.

This is an important read. Do not confuse self-assurance with intelligence, honesty or integrity.

H/T: Annie