21 October 2008

The Obama Machine's "Kill Him" Story Is Fabricated

You may have heard the frothing Keith Olbermann berate Sarah Palin for not condemning the person at her rally shouting "Kill him" when Barack Obama's name was mentioned. You may have watched Barack Obama sadly strike the martyr pose during the debate as he charged McCain supporters with chanting "Kill him" at several rallies. You may have even read the avalanche of accusations from our beloved main stream media who imagined raging rural republicans ranting "Kill him" whenever Obama's name is mentioned.

Well, it turns out that nobody shouted "kill him."

The "Kill Him" story, swaddled and nurtured by the media, started with a left-wing journalist named David Singleton of the Scranton Times-Tribune (Joe Biden's hometown rag). Singleton claimed that he heard some guy (a guy, one guy) shout "Kill him" at the Scranton rally and wrote about it the very next day . . . but nobody else there heard this one guy . . . not the other journalists, not the secret service, not even that rainbow haired dude holding the "John 3:16" placard. But the lack of corroboration didn't matter to the media as they descended on the tale like vultures, then took to the air, scattering the story like nasty white droppings on the windshield of America. Before you knew it, reports were going out that would have you believe that every McCain/Palin rally was filled with calls to murder the messiah and free Barabbas.

Even though it turns out that nobody, not even that one guy, shouted "kill him."

As reported at TimesLeader.com:

News organizations including ABC, The Associated Press, The Washington Monthly and MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann reported the claim, with most attributing the allegations to the Times-Tribune story.

[Secret Service] Agent Bill Slavoski said he was in the audience, along with an undisclosed number of additional secret service agents and other law enforcement officers and not one heard the comment.

“I was baffled,” he said after reading the report in Wednesday’s Times-Tribune.

He said the agency conducted an investigation Wednesday, after seeing the story, and could not find one person to corroborate the allegation other than Singleton. Slavoski said more than 20 non-security agents were interviewed Wednesday, from news media to ordinary citizens in attendance at the rally for the Republican vice presidential candidate held at the Riverfront Sports Complex. He said Singleton was the only one to say he heard someone yell “kill him.”

“We have yet to find someone to back up the story,” Slavoski said. “We had people all over and we have yet to find anyone who said they heard it.”

Now you may be saying, "Khaki, I got your point. But this story is getting old, isn't it?"

Which may lead me to respond, "Reader, I get your point, this did happen a few days ago. But now the Secret Service has come out with their report that the allegation is unfounded, so where are the retractions from the media? Where is the apology from Barack Obama, who falsely accused McCain supporters of hate mongering on National television."

And where is the media outrage at this heinous act by Obama supporters that was sanctioned on the official Obama website???

H/T: Real World Libertarian


  1. Curtis said...

    Stories break on the front page. Retractions are unfortunately on page C23.

  2. Publius said...

    Thanks for posting this!

  3. Khaki Elephant said...

    To true, Curtis . . . assuming they bother to print a retraction at all.

    Thanks for stopping by, publius. And thanks for the Obama image and the great work you folk do over at Asian Americans For McCain Palin. Your site is rich with info and insight, I hope everybody who cares about this country visits you.