24 October 2008

Obama Thugocracy: Pizza For McCain Signs

Once again the most loathsome political campaign ever waged has raided Arkham Asylum to release yet another unscrupulous supporter.

In case you haven't seen this story: Diane Franzoni, owner of Salvatore’s Pizzeria in Warren, Michigan, decided to offer free pizza to anybody who brought in a McCain/Palin yard sign. Franzoni claims that she only made the offer after McCain pulled out of Michigan in hopes that former McCain supporters would bring in their own signs. Yep, she never intended for people to *gasp* steal McCain signs for free pizza. Franzoni then shuffled her feet and shifted her O button to cover the hole that was left when her heart was removed at the last Obama rally.

Since Michigan McCain supporters are about as likely to turn in their signs for Pizza as exchange their brains for the Obamabot implant, it's obvious what Franzoni intended: to grow the election cycle hobby of the Democratic Party -- sign stealing (ha, I'll bet you thought that I was going to say "tax defending" or "terrorist alibiing"). And it was working: Salvatore's Pizzaria was averaging around 30 McCain signs a day.

Franzoni claims that her restaurant has stopped the practice . . . though given her evident lack of integrity I'm not so sure she's giving us the whole pepperoni (um, OK, that doesn't make any sense but I thought an obligatory pizza reference was needed). If you'd like to contact her to discuss your feelings about her practice, she can be reached at

Salvatore's Pizzaria
30830 Ryan Rd
Warren, MI 48092
Phone: (586) 574-0023