06 October 2008

NOW: It's Time For Sarah Palin

Yes, it is true that Hell, Michigan generally freezes over a couple of times a year. I've been there. I know. Yes, it is true that British aviator, John Moore-Brabazon, made the first live air cargo flight with a pig in a basket tied to a wing-strut of his airplane. And while there is no truth to the preposterous rumor that monkeys have, indeed, flown out of my ass, something even more startling has occured. A prominent member of NOW (the National Organization of Women) has spoken on behalf of Sarah Palin, going so far as to introduce her at a campaign rally in Carson, CA.

Sally Mendel, President of NOW in Los Angeles, introduced Sarah Palin saying that she had worked as a women's activist for three decades to see this day. "I'm here today, proud to support Sarah Palin. A woman who will fight for women's rights. A woman who will fight for the middle class. A woman who will, Lord knows, shake things up."

Mendel went on to explain that as a lifelong Democrat she doesn't agree with everything that Sarah Palin believes, but she knows that Palin "is a reformer who will break up the old boy's network." She then proclaimed, "America, this is what a feminist looks like, Governor Sarah Palin."

That's right. A ranking member of NOW, the organization that believes all women should be born with a vacuum in their uterus just in case, has thrown her support to a pro-life Republican.

Strange days we're living in. Strange days.